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To start with, here are some real nice links regarding the various terms, acronyms etc. etc. that are frequently used in the Internet or Computers:

If you are looking or searching for an acronym which you might have come across, then these sites should help you:


One of the most frustating job on the net is :-How and Where to find the so-called complete and exhaustive information/data.You just can't rely on your friends,magazines,newspapers,television and other sources of info to give you the site name or the location of a web page.So, to your rescue, the net has search engines.Some of the most popular and widely used search engines are listed below:

To know anything or everything about search engines visit Searchenginewatch You can also visit this site.

If all this is confusing you on which search engine to use, then you better go here which allows you to compare the search engines.However, to get a grip on the various features,go here.

You can also read my explanation on search engines.Technically speaking, it is a document containing the very basic fundamentals about search engines.I got the information from various books and web pages.It is what I have understood about search engine's working.So go on and read it...

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