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:) The Complete Smiley Emoticon Dictionary (:

Created by the folks at

emoticon or smiley

A symbol to compensate for the absence of nonverbal clues when communicating on the Internet. For example <g> signifies a "grin", :} or :-} a "smile", when inserted in the text of an e-mail message and alerts the reader not to take it seriously.

:-) Basic smiley

:^) Smiley with a personality

:) Midget smiley

<:-l Dunce smiley

,-) Winking happy smiley

:=) Orangutan smiley

(-: Left hand smiley

>:-> Devilish smiley

(:-) Smiley big face

>:-l Klingon smiley

(:-( Very unhappy smiley

@:-) Smiley wearing a turban

,-} Wry and winking smiley

@:-} Smiley just back from the hairdresser

8-O Omigod

C=:-) Chef smiley

'-) Winking smiley

X:-) Little kid with a propeller beanie

:-# My lips are sealed

[:-) Smiley wearing a walkman

:-* Kiss

[:] Robot smiley

:-/ Skeptical smiley

{:-) Smiley wears a toupee

:-> Sarcastic smiley

l^o Hepcat smiley

:-@ Screaming smiley

}:^#) Pointy nosed smiley

:-d Said with a smile

:-(=) Bucktooth smiley

:-V Shouting smiley

O-) Message from cyclops

:-X A big wet kiss

:-3 Handlebar mustache smiley

:-\ Undecided smiley

: = Beaver smiley

:-] Smiley blockhead

:-" Whistling smiley

;-( Crying smiley

P-( Pirate smiley

>;-> A very lewd remark was just made

;^) Smirking smiley

?-( Black eye

%-) Smiley after staring at a screen for 15 hours straight

):-( Nordic smiley

d:-) Baseball smiley

3:] Lucy my pet dog smiley

:8) Pigishsmiley

:-& Tongue tied

:-7 Smirking smiley

8:-) Little girl smiley

):-) Impish smiley

:-)8< Big girl smiley

:/\) Extremely bignosed smiley

:-0 Talkaktive smiley

8(:-) Mickey Mouse

:-6 Smiley after eating something spicy

+:-) Priest smiley

([( Robocop

O:-) Angel smiley

:-(*) That comment made me sick

:-< Walrus smiley

&-l That made me cry

:-? Smiley smokes a pipe

:-e Disappointed smiley

:-E Bucktoothed vampire

:( Sad-turtle smiley

:-F Bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing

:-Q Smoking smiley

:,( Crying smiley

:-}X Bow tie-wearing smiley

:-P Nyahhhh!

:-[ Vampire smiley

:-S What you say make no sense

:-a Smiley touching her tongue to her nose

:-{ Mustache

:-C Real unhappy smiley

:-{} Smiley waers lipstick

:-r Smiley raspberry

:-t Pouting smiley

:-W Speak with forked tongue

X-( You are brain dead

l-O Smiley is yawing

l:-O Flattop loudmouth smiley

$-) Yuppie smiley

:-! Foot in mouth

:---) You lie like pinnochio

O-) Smiley after smoking a banana

=:-) Smiley is a punk

=:-( Real punk never smiles

3:[ Pitbull smiley

8<:-) Smiley is a wizard

:#) Drunk smiley

8-# Dead smiley

B-) Smiley wears glasses

|-( Smiley lost his contact lenses

8-) Smiley with big eye... perhaps wearing contact lenses...

H-) Cross-eyed smiley

]-I Smiley wearing sunglasses (cool, therefore no smile, only a smark!)

V^J Smiley with glasses, seen from the left side (tip head on right to see)

+-( Smiley, shot between the eyes

~:-P Smiley with one single hair

BI A frog