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Bollywood page!! : Move in and explore the recent happenings in Indian has music reviews,movie reviews,galleries of the Indian actors n actresses n more...
English Music Site : Contains recent charts,music,reviews of English songs!
Humor, Jokes & Fun

The Complete Smiley Emoticon Dictionary(A dictionary which displays all the styles used in chatting or in e-mails for indicating a specific feeling)
The International Lyrics Server : As the name suggests...its a page containing lyrics(provided with a search engine too!!)
Visit a dedicated site to my favourite cartoon
It has lots n lots of images, animations, sound files, character details n more!!
Rajesh's Homepage
Prateek's links Page
Aalaap's Homepage
Tarak's Homepage
Download more than 1000 icons. It is in the zipped form.Hence, you must unzip it first in a directory.I would suggest you to unzip it with WinZip 7.0.
The above file is in two parts:
I have compressed these two files twice.Thus, after unzipping the Part1 or Part2 file, you will find another file called or So unzip these two files and enjoy the icons!



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